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Third lawsuit filed in Subway food poisoning outbreak

By Eleni Demertzis,
Lombard Spectator
Mar 17, 2010

Lombard, IL — A third lawsuit has been filed by Marler Clark in the Shigella food poisoning outbreak from a Lombard Subway restaurant.

Wheeling resident Michael Carpino consumed a Subway sandwich on Feb. 25, and fell ill by the following day. The lawsuit states that 45-year-old Carpino is still suffering from Shigella infection symptoms.

Currently, Marler Clark represents more than 35 people in regards to the outbreak.

Dave Hass of the DuPage County Health Department said there were 78 confirmed Shigella cases linked to the Subway restaurant as of today. Eleven of those cases were hospitalized, and ten were discharged.

Hass also said the source of the Shigella is unknown at this time and might not be pinpointed. The restaurant has been closed since March 4.

Shigella infections are spread from person to person, and also can be acquired from contaminated food. The disease can be prevented by frequent hand washing with soap and water.

People who have developed these symptoms between Feb. 24 to March 1 after eating at the Lombard Subway restaurant are advised to contact their physicians and the DuPage County Health Department at (630) 682-7400. More information on shigellosis is available at www.idph.state.il.us/public/hb/hbshigellosis.htm.

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